The Smoothie Recipe Rosario Dawson Sips For All-Day Energy

It would be an understatement to call Rosario Dawson a busy woman. The actress, famed for her roles in Sin City, Rent, Men in Black II, and more, currently stars as Claire Temple in five of the Netflix/Marvel series, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones, in addition to running a sustainable fashion line, doing philanthropic work, raising a daughter, and partnering with Quaker to spread the word about their classic oats. It’s not a surprise then that she’s figured out a few tricks to keep…

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Healthy Ingredients To Always Have On Hand

Whole 365 Frozen Broccoli Broccoli is the No. 1 vegetable that I prefer to buy frozen over fresh. As I wrote about in my article on how to save money on healthy food, a farmer once told me that he never buys grocery store broccoli because it’s lost so many nutrients by the time it hits the shelves. The freezing process, though, retains the nutrients, and having it always hand makes it easy to make soups, quick stir-fries, grain bowls,…

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Kimchi-Marinated Kale Buddha Bowl With Black Rice Pilaf

There’s a popular saying that “food is medicine,” and naturopath and chef Kimberly Parsons believes wholeheartedly in this—and cooking for the mind, body, and soul. Her new cookbook, The Yoga Kitchen Plan, features a seven-day health plan based on the chakras. In it, she created an experience that includes over 70 vegetarian recipes, breathing and meditation exercises, and yoga poses. Kimberly says January is a great time to pick foods that leave you feeling nourished, loved, and rejuvenated (some characteristics…

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Why Drinking Soda Is Bad for Your Health

Guzzling down one can of soda over another might be great for your taste buds but it can severely damage your health. Regardless, today’s youth is still obsessed with these sugary beverages. We’ve formed a habit of drinking a can almost every day to beat the heat or just because dinner is incomplete without it. Not only does soda bring along zero nutritional benefits but the drink is filled with chemicals. The high content of caffeine and sugar in these…

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How To Stay Motivated To Eat Healthy & Workout

When I first started working out, I went to yoga classes in Manhattan. I live and work in Brooklyn, and it took me about an hour to take the subway to the studio, check in, change my clothes, and settle in on my mat. Making my way home took a similar chunk of time, turning a one-hour workout into an effective three-hour commitment. If I went after work, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make other plans; if I…

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No More New Whole Foods 365 Stores, According To John Mackey

Whole Foods Market will not be opening any new 365 stores, according to the company’s CEO John Mackey. Launched three years ago, Whole Foods Market 365 stores were designed to be less expensive, albeit smaller, alternatives to traditional Whole Foods Markets. However, following the Amazon merger in 2017, the company is confidant that prices are going down across the board, so there’s no need for these separate spaces. “As we have been consistently lowering prices in our Whole Foods Market…

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