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21 Excuses That Make Up Your Money Story – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Is the money story that you have been telling actually a cover-up? Could the reason that you have been giving for the lack of a financial breakthrough be really an excuse? Your money story may be a cover that you have created for helping you avoid pain or to playing small. Or it could be that your ego needs to know that it is not diminished in any way. The excuses that you tell is your way out to feeling…

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It Starts with a Dream (and a Visit to the Karen Hill Tribe) – Abundance Life Coach for Women

See the scarves hanging by the side? I bought a few of them from the lady in the picture to give away as gifts for my friends. The photo was taken when I visited the Karen Hill tribe in Chiang Rai a little more than two weeks ago. The visit to tribal villages was part of a tour that we had signed up on the spur while on vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our tour guide had taken us all…

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How to Reset Your Goals And NOT Give Up – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Need a boost to find out why you need to reset your goals?   Perhaps this could be what you are going through…. – Can’t seem to hit the targets or milestones that you have set again and again so far? –  No longer can connect with the “why” you are doing what you are doing? – Feeling disappointed over the lack of results and feeling tempted to give up? I’ve observed that “losing sight of the why” and “feeling frustrated”…

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30 Positive Affirmations for Highest Potential – Abundance Life Coach for Women

What positive affirmations for highest potential would be great to use if you are hoping to step into a picture of success? While mentoring spiritual entrepreneurs, I have had a few of them share that they struggle with knowing what words to say or what to affirm when they are doing tapping or some other work that helps them with belief change. They would like to shift into a paradigm that supports their growth and success. However, what has kept…

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Your Wake-up Call from the Universe – Abundance Life Coach for Women

All of a sudden, it hits you that the Universe has just given you a wake-up call. It is an “aha” moment. A moment that dawns on you. It’s as if you have been asleep all this time until you discover that the answer that you seek has been staring in your face! Prior to the sudden awareness, you may have been stressed out. You wondered about how matters have come to be. Despite tremendous effort on your part, things…

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