4 Crucial Business Development Lessons for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Completing my business studies, I knew that I wanted to create something on my own. I had ideas and was eager to materialize them as soon as possible. I had the so-called “entrepreneurial drive” and a wish to put it into practice while I was young. Since I had been freelancing for a while, I thought that I had certain competencies which would be helpful in setting up a business. Keeping in mind all the aforementioned, I embarked on a…

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How to Reset Your Goals And NOT Give Up – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Need a boost to find out why you need to reset your goals?   Perhaps this could be what you are going through…. – Can’t seem to hit the targets or milestones that you have set again and again so far? –  No longer can connect with the “why” you are doing what you are doing? – Feeling disappointed over the lack of results and feeling tempted to give up? I’ve observed that “losing sight of the why” and “feeling frustrated”…

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How My Client Went from Near Bankruptcy to $500,000 in Annual Revenue

“Craig… You’ll never believe what just happened”.  My client Adrian Delorey, founder of 180DegreeFitness, sounded like he’d just purchased winning lottery tickets.  “What’s up?” I responded.  “You remember that one month surfing trip I told you about?”  “Sure”.  “Well,” he continued, “I just got back and found out that my business more than DOUBLED while I was away!” Woah…  Although I love hearing about my client’s business and financial successes, nothing excites me more than stories like these.  I absolutely…

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A Billionaire’s No-Brainer System For Knowing When to Buy Stocks

Most of the stocks in my core investment portfolio – my Legacy Portfolio – are dividend-paying stocks. And since I don’t rely on cash from those dividends for current income, my practice is to reinvest it. The common way this is done is automatically through a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP). That is an order you give to your broker to use the dividends of a stock to buy more of that same stock. When I designed the Legacy Portfolio (with…

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Your Wake-up Call from the Universe – Abundance Life Coach for Women

All of a sudden, it hits you that the Universe has just given you a wake-up call. It is an “aha” moment. A moment that dawns on you. It’s as if you have been asleep all this time until you discover that the answer that you seek has been staring in your face! Prior to the sudden awareness, you may have been stressed out. You wondered about how matters have come to be. Despite tremendous effort on your part, things…

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