Which Modern Family Character You Are Most Like, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Claire You are competitive. You have a short temper. You have a desire to control. However, you are also confident and courageous. You are quick-witted and a hard worker. Like Claire, you have what it takes to run a company and be a good mom. Taurus – Cameron You can be possessive, dramatic, and self-indulgent. However, you are warmhearted, loyal, and reliable. You are always there for your loved ones. Like Cameron, you believe family comes first. Gemini –…

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Why ‘The Intruder’ Is Such A Terrifying Concept For A Psychological Thriller

The Intruder is a psychological thriller planned to hit theaters this spring. The story follows a married couple who moves into a new house — but the old owner does not leave that easily. Judging by the trailer, this film is going to make audiences feel uneasy about going home from the theater. Here are the main reasons why the concept is so scary: The storyline is alarmingly realistic. Unlike most horror movies, there aren’t any ghosts or supernatural creatures…

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