Stop Accepting Half-Ass Love  | Thought Catalog – Self Improvement Article

Stop accepting up-in-the-air plans, one-word texts, and day-late replies. Stop accepting the minimum amount from the people you pour all your effort into. You are not supposed to wonder whether you are the one who cares more. You are not supposed to feel like you are pulling all the weight in a relationship. You shouldn’t settle for half-ass love where he will hang out with you — but only if you bug him to come over. You shouldn’t settle for…

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She Knows You’re Not A Mind Reader, But She Shouldn’t Have To Ask For Flowers – Self Improvement Article

She understands you can’t read her mind. She understands she should communicate with you, she should tell you what she wants, she should tell you what she needs. Of course, getting flowers is not as exciting when she has to ask for them. Getting a new necklace is not as special when she has to direct you to the jewelry counter. Having a three course dinner is not as romantic when she had to plan the entire thing. Even though…

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Put More Effort Into Your Forever Person

Put more effort into your relationship. Do not let your person tumble down your priority list after spending a few years — or even months —  together. It’s easy to take the right person for granted. It’s easy to become overly comfortable. It’s easy to forget how lucky you are. When you chase after the wrong person, you are forced to do the work. You are forced to send the first text. You are forced to plan dates. You are…

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