A Guide to Dealing with the Dark Side of Personal Growth

If you meditate, or do any kind of effective personal growth work, you may eventually run into some sticky territory. Namely, you’ll have to face the darkness within you. Personal development is not just about positivity and utopia. Eventually, if you’re doing the work, you will have to embrace the things you’ve been avoiding. It is only by traveling through this “darkness” that you find peace and equanimity. I’ve written about going through depression and my own dark night of the…

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How to Use Your Positive Memories To Boost Mental Health and Prevent Depression

When you think back on your life throughout your day, are you more likely to revisit “positive memories” or “negative memories?” According to a new study published in Nature Human Behavior, recalling positive memories may play an important role in managing stress, preventing depressive symptoms, and boosting our mental health overall. Researchers set up an experiment where participants were shown either a “positive” or “negative” word on a screen, and were then asked to recall a specific autobiographical memory from…

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Why a Pet Can Be Incredibly Helpful For Social Anxiety, Loneliness, or Depression

Too anxious to make new friends at the moment? Feeling lonely living by yourself? Just need a boost in your mental health in general? Maybe a nice loyal pet is exactly what you need right now. While I certainly don’t think a pet can replace human relationships, they can be a very valuable companion for someone who suffers from social anxiety, loneliness, or depression. A relationship with an animal can often feel just as valuable as a relationship with a…

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101 Uplifting Depression Quotes | Planet of Success

Occasional moments of depression and persistent negative moods can feel like a heavy burden. It seems like a dark shadow has slowly but steadily crept over your entire life, influencing each area in a negative way. And even though you may feel as if you are facing your struggle entirely alone, there are many other individuals confronted with similar problems. Acknowledging the symptoms and developing a better understanding of the potential root causes are essential steps to start the journey…

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5 Insanely Helpful Tips to Start Working Out

“I don’t have enough time” “I am too tired” “I will start from tomorrow, definitely!” “Ok, from Monday for sure!” If these are some of the excuses you have for not working out, you are not alone! As human beings, we are hard-wired to do only which is absolutely needed — wired to minimize time and energy wherever possible. Let’s first try and understand why we are spending so much time on this topic. Believe it or not, Science has actually…

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Every Time My Life is Falling Apart, Here’s What I Do

It all started in 2014, when I went through the darkest few months of my life. Everything seemed to be falling apart. My life felt meaningless, pointless, and empty. It felt like there was no reason to live. But I was lucky. I was able to stay positive because of what I knew. And in this article, I’ll share not only what I knew, but what I discovered having gone through the chaos. Let’s start with the why. Why is…

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