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UTM Codes | The Secret to Tracking Your Campaigns (Free Download)

How to use UTM codes to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns Why does digital marketing continue to be the number one channel for marketer’s budgets? Part of digitals appeal is the data available to a marketer. Making it easy to trace every pound spent, against your goals and objectives, right? Well, not always! Whilst some activities are fairly easy to track, like paid search, display and shopping campaigns. Other channels and activities can prove harder such as paid…

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Common CRO mistakes and how to avoid them

You’ve just spent ages working on a website and attempting to drive traffic to it. After running various tests, you figure out that your conversion rate is far from ideal. Plenty of people may be visiting your site, but you’re not converting them into leads or getting the desired action out of them. We see this all the time with companies everywhere. Whether you own a business and want to grow it, or if you’re a marketing professional keen to…

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Measuring the Google Analytics metrics that matter

Picture this – it’s a Friday afternoon and you’ve just received the latest report from your agency or marketing team. There are numbers everywhere. Arrows – some green, some red. You flick through the pages, and then flick back through again to the front page. You pretend to understand what the numbers are saying, but deep down you know you don’t understand. You shift your attention to the ‘summarised’ notes that support the numbers to see if they help. It’s a…

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