10 Facts About Stephen King And His Son Joe Hill In Honor Of Their Movie Adaptation ‘In The Tall Grass’

In The Tall Grass is an upcoming adaptation of a short story published in Esquire Magazine. It tells the tale of a young brother and sister who hear a cry for help coming from tall grass. They walk into the grass to investigate, become separated, and realize something evil lurks there. Stephen King penned this story along with his son Joe Hill. Here are some facts about the father and son duo: 1. Joe Hill does not have to worry about…

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10 Bits Of Horror Movie Trivia To Get You Ready For The Grudge Remake

A remake of The Grudge is hitting the big screen in the summer of 2019. If you have not seen the original movies, the story follows a house cursed with a vengeful ghost who dooms everyone who enters. To get you excited for the newest version of your favorite horror film, here are a few facts about The Grudge you probably haven’t heard before: 1. The story is based on a Japanese supernatural horror film entitled Ju-on: The Grudge. It…

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10 Reasons Why Horror Addicts Should Not Miss An Episode Of ‘The Birch’

1. The Birch is going to be a fifteen episode series on Facebook Watch. The story will be told from multiple perspectives, but it will focus on the relationship between a monster protector who lives in the woods and a bullied teenager. 2. The Birch is based on a short film with the same title, which elegantly blends fantasy and horror. It was directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton who also created Deathly Presents, a dark Christmas tale, and Don’t Move, which…

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Why ‘The Intruder’ Is Such A Terrifying Concept For A Psychological Thriller

The Intruder is a psychological thriller planned to hit theaters this spring. The story follows a married couple who moves into a new house — but the old owner does not leave that easily. Judging by the trailer, this film is going to make audiences feel uneasy about going home from the theater. Here are the main reasons why the concept is so scary: The storyline is alarmingly realistic. Unlike most horror movies, there aren’t any ghosts or supernatural creatures…

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