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DAI Course – Impact and Results

After completing a big project, I like to conduct a postmortem. Maybe that term sounds overly morbid – I picked it up from my game development days – but it means doing a thorough review of what worked, what didn’t work, and lessons learned. The purpose is to identify actionable ideas to improve future projects. I essentially shared a postmortem of the Deep Abundance Integration launch process in an earlier post called Creating a Heart-Aligned Offer (and the Results). As…

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DAI Course – Public Feedback From Alumni

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post on the impact and results of the recently created Deep Abundance Integration course, which was designed to help people shift from scarcity to abundance in many areas of life. In the previous post, I shared some feedback in summary form as well as charts and graphs of people’s ratings. In this post I’ll share the direct words from course alumni who offered to share some public feedback about the experience. My exact wording…

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Subjective Reality and Politics – Steve Pavlina

Media sources have plenty to say about the political climate these days. But what’s the Subjective Reality angle on political events? If you look at this reality through the lens of a dream world or a simulator, what does that say about what’s happening politically right now? I’ll give you some pointers and share my own interpretations, but since the SR angle is relative, what you gain from this exercise may be very different than what I gain from it.…

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New Subjective Reality Video Course

Due to popular demand for more and deeper material on the topic, I’ve added a free 3-part video course on Subjective Reality to the site. You can begin that course here: Free Subjective Reality Video Course This course goes deep into the problems and challenges that people experience as they explore Subjective Reality, and it shares solutions as well. Each video covers a different phase of exploration: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This free course eventually leads to a 4th video,…

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