The Levels of Listening Help Us ConnectPick the Brain- Self Improvement Article

To support the goal of creating connections with others, I isolated one of the most critical elements of good communication: listening. Communication is simply one of the biggest factors in our relationships. It is a critical element in our work connections, how we see our boss or company leadership, and how we grow (or break) personal relationships. And one of the most critical skills needed is, in fact, not saying anything at all. Those who are introverts do not need…

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Why Physically Connecting With Others Improves Well-Being

Human touch is a necessary component to anyone’s happiness, mental health, and well-being. One of the most famous experiments in psychology is Harry Harlow’s experiments on rhesus monkeys in the late 1930s. He put young monkeys in various forms of social isolation (away from their mothers) to see how it influenced their development. While the studies are highly controversial and unethical by today’s standards, they reveal a lot about our need for social connectedness and touch. In one study, Harlow…

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The “Silent Treatment” Is A Sign of a Toxic Relationship

Communication is one of the most important factors in any healthy relationship – whether it’s with family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, bosses, or whomever. And much of the social conflict we experience in our lives is due to some type of miscommunication or lack of communication. One study published in the journal Personal Relationships has identified one pattern that’s common in most negative and toxic relationships. Psychologists looked at over 100 married couples in the U.S. and had them keep…

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