“Making One’s Bed In My Mind Is the Most Direct Road to a Happier Life.” – Self Improvement Article

Interview: Isabel Gillies Now, how do I know Isabel Gillies? The answer is lost in the sands of time. We have several mutual friends, perhaps that’s how. She has had a very interesting, varied career. She is an actor who appeared, among other places, on the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and in the movie Metropolitan. She’s also a highly successful writer. Her bestselling memoir Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story recounts the story of how her first…

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My Outer Order Manifesto for My New Book “Outer Order, Inner Calm.” – Self Improvement Article

One of my favorite exercises is to write a “Manifesto.” No matter what subject I study, I find it helpful to try to distill my ideas into succinct statements of the most important principles. For instance, I’ve done a Happiness Manifesto, a Habits Manifesto, and a Podcast Manifesto. It’s a fun, creative, and clarifying process. So of course as I was writing my new book Outer Order, Inner Calm, I wanted to write an accompanying manifesto. As with all my manifestos,…

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10 Conversation Starters (or Journaling Prompts) to Help You Let Go – Self Improvement Article

These 10 conversation starters (or journaling prompts) will help you let go with more ease. With all of the focus around minimalism, simplicity, decluttering, and capsule wardrobes, it’s easy to believe that a simple life is the dream, but a simple life is not the end goal. We don’t remove clutter, reduce stress, and boycott busyness to have a simple life. We do it to have a life. Letting go doesn’t come naturally for most of us, but there are some things…

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A Yearly Challenge: How to Deal with Post-Holiday Clutter? Here Are My Seven Tips.

I love the holidays! It’s a fun, festive, family- and friend-filled time. It’s also a messy, overwhelming, clutter-creating time. Over the years, I’ve developed some strategies to help deal with post-holiday clutter, and this year I added a few new ones. 1. Each Christmas, my family spends a week in Kansas City with my parents. If possible, I try to do a round of clutter-clearing with each family member before we go. That way, we make room for any new…

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