These Are The 6 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time Leaving A Relationship

You have such a heart of gold Pisces, and everyone knows it. You also have a tendency to idealize your partner and see only their best qualities- which can cause you to overlook red flags and other signs that you should probably walk away. Though it’s a good thing to commit and try and work things out with a person, you want to believe that the person you love could never do anything to hurt you, and you’re willing to…

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Stop Apologizing For Acting Clingy

Caring is not a crime. Getting attached easily is not a sign of a weakened heart. You should be proud of your vulnerability. After everything you have gone through, it would be easier for you to say screw love, screw forever, screw happily ever afters. But you have not done that. You are still wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are still taking risks for love. It takes strength to hand over a bruised heart. It takes strength to love again…

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