ADHD Summer Camp Can Improve Social Skills of Special Kids

Children look forward to summer camp for various reasons: trying unique and exciting activities, making new friends (or reconnecting with old ones), and seeking adventure away from parents. Parents often look to camp for growth opportunities – physical, social and emotional. Great summer camps offer all of this to many children, including some with ADHD. A camp designed especially for children with ADHD offers a lot of benefits. Independence The act of leaving the family and joining a cabin group…

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How Toys Can Boost Your Child’s Development

How a child views their world starts from the arms of their caretakers. Their views are closely guarded with what you put in front of them. From the time they are in your womb until the end of their teens, they act like a sponge — absorbing everything around them and creating impressions that suit their mind. This thing can be a boon and a bane in differing situations. However, if you do build the foundations strong, you would be…

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5 Things You Can Do To Stay Close Despite Your Work

Having spent the last two decades working in the advertising industry based in New York but with clients all over the country, being on the road is just something that always came with the job. My wife had always been really supportive of my ambitions and therefore, excessive travel has never been much of an issue. However, 7 years ago, I became a dad — first to my daughter Hannah and two years later, to our little Sophie. With fatherhood…

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