7 Powerful Attitudes You Must Have In Order To Achieve Any Change

Do you know what’s the best time of the year to make changes and new beginnings? Any time you are up to it, really! Although January is the month we talk about setting new goals, envisioning ourselves in a better and improved version of who we are, we can start the process of change any time during the year. But sometimes what we talk about in the beginning of the new year remains grandiose plans, perhaps to pick up again next…

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When Life Changes, Success Puts on Different Clothes

“I didn’t know where I was going until I got there.” When we were kids, life was so fun and fresh. Maybe it’s because we dived straight into adventure. Because we didn’t think of success or failure in the way we think now. I’ve always been passionate about creativity. When I was a kid I would draw all over the wardrobe doors, they were pure white just like a blank canvas. Back then we lived in a very small apartment…

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