Setting Boundaries and what to do if You Feel Guilty About Saying No – Self Improvement Article

Why does setting boundaries and protecting what we need most for ourselves sometimes make us feel guilty? If you feel guilty about setting boundaries, instead of dismissing the practice altogether, explore the guilt. When I feel bad or guilty about something, I write it down. I write all my thoughts and feelings on paper so I can really examine what’s going on instead of letting my mind get carried away. In other words, I don’t believe every thought that crosses…

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If You Crave a Slow Quiet Holiday Season

If you crave a slow, quiet, holiday season, it’s not too late, but you may have to do something that makes you uncomfortable. You are going to have to protect your free time, and create some white space on your calendar by saying no. Image credit: Becoming Unbusy Saying no can be uncomfortable but only so many things can have your time and attention. Overextending yourself in the name of keeping everyone happy will leave you depleted, resentful and worse…

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