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How To Fall Out Of Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back – Self Improvement Article

Love never starts in remarkable ways. It’s the ability to make it last that renders its beauty. I met him and saw ordinariness. That is not the love stories we read about when we indoctrinate ourselves into believing we deserve a prince charming simply for existing. No one must know of my weaknesses and inadequacies. I haven’t been myself for so long now. It’s on days when only rain keeps me company in the hubbub of my mind that I…

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How To Rediscover Who You Are After A Brutal Breakup

I’ve often pondered: When it comes to breakups, what is the right way to move on? Clean break or remain friends? Rebound or take time to yourself? Immediately activate your Tinder profile or lie low? Obsessively stalk their social media accounts or block them altogether? Change their contact name to “Fuckboy” or delete it altogether? Text them on their birthday or nah? The list goes on and on. The truth is, I’m no stranger to breakups, and while I typically…

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Because Of My Loneliness | Thought Catalog

Because of my loneliness, I met you. I couldn’t bear the deafening sound of my own heart breaking, so I looked to you to cover my ears. I looked to you to silence the pain I had been carrying for so long, and I had hoped it would be you that would make it all go away. The only thing that went away because of your presence in my life was me. Because of my loneliness, I lost myself in…

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