Top 150 Travel Blogs 2016

The official Top 150 Travel Blogs is here! What an exciting list to pull together. I’m proud to say that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of travel blogs anywhere in the world today! As North America and Europe head into Summer, and Australia and New Zealand head into Winter, it’s a fantastic time to explore opportunities for travel. What better way of doing this then to bring you the absolute best travel blogs currently online… in fact,…

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10 Ways Blogging Will Change Your Life

Starting a blog can change your life. Seriously. It’s changed my life and I know it’s changed thousands of other’s lives. When I was working at my previous employer I knew I wanted to start something on my own. I knew that I wanted to build a business and a business that was linked to what I was passionate about. I didn’t know exactly what that business would look like (and I’m still evolving it greatly as we speak). But…

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How To Survive As A Human In The Upcoming Robots Era

I know the title is a bit gloomy, but believe me, things are going into that direction. I don’t know if you read about the first robot who got an official identity, Sophia. Sophia is now an official citizen of Saudi Arabia. There’s a lot of PR in this, there’s a lot of lateral information in all the AI and robot news (meaning it’s a hot topic and media outlets are trying to sell themselves with hot topics, so what…

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