9 Ways To Brighten Dull Winter Skin, According To Skin Care Experts – Self Improvement Article

Skin looking a little ashy and dull lately, even though you haven’t changed your skin care routine? Unfortunately, that’s par for the course this time of year—and that bright, dewy skin you so crave, well, that’s going to take a little work. “Cold dry weather is not your skin’s friend,” says Britta Plug, holistic esthetician and mbg Collective member. And that dullness, she says, is mostly due to the fact that your top outer layer of skin is constricting and…

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The 4 Best Cleansing Oils & How To Pick The Right One For Your Skin Type – Self Improvement Article

If you’ve stepped into a Sephora lately, you know that cleansing oils are the cool new kids on the natural skin care block. But after years of being programmed to think we need all the suds to remove the grit and grime off our face, and that oil equals acne, it can be nerve-wracking to take the plunge. So, just to be sure, we asked a few holistic skin care pros: Can everyone, regardless of their skin type, benefit from…

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The 5 Best Natural Beauty & Skincare Podcasts – Self Improvement Article

By the end of just one episode of Fat Mascara, you’ll wish hosts and beauty editors Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Matlin were your BFFs. These ladies are smart, funny, and in tune with the latest trends, thanks to their insider access as editors. While not completely focused on natural beauty, many of their episodes do highlight natural beauty trends—like their interview with Derek Chase, founder of full-spectrum cannabis skincare line Flora + Bast, who explained the science of CBD and…

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9 Best Houseplants To Improve Skin Hydration & Overall Health – Self Improvement Article

You don’t have to scroll through Instagram’s #JungalowStyle hashtag very long to realize that a few well-placed houseplants can transform a room from fine and functional to a transcendental green oasis. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, houseplants are a legitimate boon to our overall health, with research showing that simply being around them can decrease our pain perception and boost mood. But the real clincher that’s going to make you want to hit up a greenhouse STAT? Houseplants—not some fancy,…

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