Here’s How To 10X Your Personal GrowthPick the Brain

There’s one problem when it comes to Personal Growth. Most of us don’t even know the depth of our problems. 60–70% of the time I’m mistaken in doing so. It’s my father or my journal that uncovers the whole situation for me most of the times. I never knew that I was so reactive.I never knew that negative self-talk was a problem.I never knew that I was playing blame-game with myself.I never knew that I was lying to myself. There’s…

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5 Reasons Why I Am Ok with Making Mistakes: Overcoming Adversity

Let’s face it, making mistakes and overcoming adversity can feel horrible at times, especially if the mistake is of large scale. Because of this, we are often too afraid to make that first step forward. The fear can hold us back and prevent us from making the so-needed changes in life. But what if you knew that you couldn’t fail? What if you could see adversity from a different angle? How would you act then? Would the fear of doing something…

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