“People Need to Find When Their Brains Work Best and Fit Their Schedules Around That.”

Interview: Edith Hall I love Edith Hall’s short biography: “Edith Hall is a London University Academic who specialises in putting pleasure into the history, literature, theatre, myth and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome and their continuing impact in the modern world.” It manages to convey not only her expertise but also her enthusiasm for her subject, and her passion for teaching others to appreciate the ideas and history that absorb her. (Also, from the spellings we know she’s British.)…

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“A Life of Contentment and Joy Doesn’t Mean Avoiding Experiences with Loss and Pain.”

Interview: Sarah McColl Sarah McColl is a writer who has been published by a wide range of publications, and she also was founding editor-in-chief of Yahoo Foods. Her first book just hit the shelves, a memoir called Joy Enough. In it, she tackles her experience of simultaneously going through a divorce and losing her mother to cancer—a double blow. I couldn’t wait to talk to Sarah about happiness, habits, and self-knowledge. Gretchen: What’s a simple activity or habit that consistently…

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“I Realized I Was Expecting More from Myself Than the People I Treat and Counsel.”

Interview: Samantha Brody Samantha Brody has spent more than twenty years in her practice addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of her patients’ health, to help them effectively address and achieve their health goals. Her new book Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out just hit the shelves. I couldn’t wait to talk to her about happiness, habits, and productivity. For many people, stress is a big happiness stumbling block as they try to make their lives…

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“What You Think Is Existential Angst Might Actually Be a Lack of Sleep.”

Interview: Alice Robb Alice is a writer who lives here in New York City, in Brooklyn. She’s written for many publications, including The New Republic and The Cut. She has a book that just hit the shelves: Why We Dream: The Transformative Power of Our Nightly Journey. Throughout history, people have been fascinated by dreams—why we dream, what dreams mean, and if you’re my husband, how do you stop having the same bad dream over and over? (He dreams that…

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