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We’re recently asked our Trailblazers about their motto for 2018 and got some pretty cool answers: What’s The Worst That Could Happen? Slay 2018 No Fear 2018 “Just Do It” Everything Always Works Out for Me! Simplicity! Not bad, right? Mottos can be a really powerful way to channel your energies into the right direction. So here’s a lil’ mission for today, if you choose to accept it: Come up with your own motto for this year. Tip: reading it…

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Steve Pavlina Instagram – Steve Pavlina

Around 10 days ago I created a new Steve Pavlina Instagram account, so if you use Instagram, I welcome you to follow me there (@steve.pavlina). Presently I have 344 followers there with more jumping in each day. Why Instagram? I like to experiment of course, so it’s partly for that reason. While I got tired of social media in the past and dropped most accounts years ago (even those with sizable followings), I’ve never had an Instagram account before, and…

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New Subjective Reality Video Course

Due to popular demand for more and deeper material on the topic, I’ve added a free 3-part video course on Subjective Reality to the site. You can begin that course here: Free Subjective Reality Video Course This course goes deep into the problems and challenges that people experience as they explore Subjective Reality, and it shares solutions as well. Each video covers a different phase of exploration: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This free course eventually leads to a 4th video,…

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